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Exclusive, modern, limited edition.

Carpets based on original Karl Klein artwork. Let your guests be amazed. These artistic carpets are exclusive and limited. With Karl Klein carpets you acquire a piece of modern art and lifestyle for your own home. Due to the variable application as a floor covering or as a wall carpet, you can use them flexibly. However, buying Karl Klein rugs online is not only good for a stylish interior of  your home.

All carpets are part of a limited edition of a maximum of 500 pieces.
Particularly high-quality materials are used. This means that you are not just buying carpets, you are rather investing in an investment property whose value will probably increase steadily in time.

These stylishly designed carpets are the eye-catcher at any party and make the ambience perfect. With Karl Klein carpets you will transform your home into a place of art and good taste that only you can call your own. Only at Karl Klein you get carpets in this quality and exclusivity. You acquire a self-painted work of art that was printed on a high-quality woven carpet and captivates as a floor covering or wall carpet by exclusivity. 

What makes the carpets so special?

The special feature of the carpets by Karl Klein is clearly the exclusivity and the limited number of pieces. A maximum of 500 carpets per design are produced. Each carpet reflects a self-painted image of Karl klein and brings a piece of modern into your living room. There are a total of eleven works of art from which you can choose your favorite for your home. There is no better way to express your lifestyle. Your exclusive, limited edition and lifestyle creating rug by Karl Klein will make your interior look a little more stylish overall.

Exclusively natural materials

Karl Klein rugs offer only the best materials from natural resources for your lifestyle - Sustainably mined and processed in an environmentally friendly way. Our Limited Edition rugs are considered durable, long-lasting and exclusive.

What materials are used for the rugs?

  •  1400 g pure cotton
  •  600 g chinille
  •  100 g chute
  •  50 g flanging

Manufactured and offer a high quality for an upscale lifestyle. They are durable and long lasting. With proper care and treatment, the carpets can continue an increase in value continuously and delight your guests for a very long time. Aren't these good reasons to purchase Karl Klein rugs?